Summit Livestock Facilities introduces Wrap-the-Equipment: game-changing construction innovations in cage-free egg production

PR Newswire — February 6, 2017

REMINGTON, Ind., Feb. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Summit Livestock Facilities, LLC
has introduced Wrap-the-Equipment(TM), a patent-pending facility and
construction design approach that is positioned to revolutionize the future of
cage-free egg production.

Retail and consumer demand for cage-free eggs is at an all-time high. Within the
next ten years, it is estimated that 70-percent of all eggs sold will be from
cage-free facilities. Producers are under pressure to make the shift to
cage-free in a timely and cost-effective way. To answer the call, Ed Bahler,
Summit Livestock’s chief executive officer, said, “We’re very excited to partner
with our customer in responsible cage-free egg production. As a protein
production construction company, the Wrap-the-Equipment customized design
approach stands to help the industry effectively address this major shift. We
were inspired to creatively redefine the challenges, and bring new designs and
engineering solutions to our customers and the industry. We reinvented how a
layer house could be built.”

Miles Ridgway, president of Summit Livestock, said Wrap-the-Equipment customized
designs are definitely game-changers for the future demands of the industry.
“Summit Livestock’s facility design eliminates the need for a full building to
house your equipment and birds. It reinforces the cage-free roosts, using them
as the super-structure for houses, wrapping the equipment with insulated metal
panels. Our construction processes dramatically shorten the construction
schedule, leading to greater profit potential, and cost savings in labor and

Summit Livestock’s first facilities are a result of working closely with Rose
Acre Farms, one of the nation’s largest egg producers. Together, Summit and Rose
Acre Farms are designing and building innovative cage-free layer houses across
the U.S. Featured in a Wrap-the-Equipment case study are 10 unique buildings
housing cage-free layers producing 1.1 billion eggs per year. The case study
highlights additional innovations including intensive project management and new
innovations that offer vast improvements and proficiencies in the egg drying
process, water treatment, and facility cooling systems. Details of that case
study can be found on Summit Livestock’s Wrap-the-Equipment dedicated website
which will provide frequent updates.

Bahler said Summit Livestock has a strong history in protein facility
construction excellence. “In this case, we explored the many challenges facing
producers in the shift to cage-free facilities. We put our people, their
passion, and their technical engineering capabilities to work to creatively
design, engineer and build low-stress protein facilities that are productive and
cost-effective for the producer. It’s about out-thinking old ways, and
collaboratively creating cost-effective solutions. It’s about leading the way in
responsible cage-free egg production while providing sustainable, long-term
viability to our customers and the industry.”

Summit Livestock Facilities is a pioneer in the development and construction of
innovative protein-producing livestock facilities. Their facilities do more than
house animals–they improve animal health and production, reduce operational
inefficiencies, solve regulatory issues, and alleviate social concerns. Their
reputation for structural integrity, quality materials, and professionalism
stands strong today. Summit Livestock’s goal is to build better lives. They go
beyond buildings to create innovative and cost efficient livestock facilities
and forming long-lasting relationships and partnerships. True to their guiding
principles, they do right, on time, with excellence.

Cathie Hartung, Director of Marketing
(219) 261-0658

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