The Results Are In! National Survey Reveals How Americans Pronounce “Caramel”

PR Newswire — April 5, 2017

CARMEL, Ind., April 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Today is National Caramel Day, and
Werther’s Original is celebrating by asking caramel lovers nationwide how they
pronounce their favorite treat: ker-uh-muhl or kar-muhl. The national survey
results are in and ker-uh-muhl takes the sweet honors with 57 percent of
Americans using the three-syllable pronunciation. Now, the iconic caramel brand
is visiting caramel lovers in Carmel, Indiana, to celebrate National Caramel
Day. The city will officially become Caramel (ker-uh-muhl), Indiana for the day
in honor of the Werther’s Original National Caramel Day celebration.

“We wanted to celebrate National Caramel Day with the residents of what some
might consider caramel’s namesake town. Of course, Carmel, Indiana was the
perfect place,” said Meredith Suffron, director of marketing for Werther’s
Original. “Regardless of how caramel fans pronounce it, we hope they celebrate
with Werther’s Original today.”

Starting at 11 a.m. EDT, candy lovers in the Carmel, Indiana area will have the
chance to celebrate National Caramel Day with Werther’s Original in the city’s
Arts & Design District. Attendees can enjoy fun and games, treats (Werther’s
Original, of course!) and plenty of sweet prizes.

Caramel lovers nationwide can share how they pronounce “caramel” on National
Caramel Day, April 5, by using #GreatCaramelDebate on Facebook, Instagram or

The results of the survey uncovered regional trends in pronunciation, with
ker-uh-muhl being the most popular pronunciation in the Northeast, South and
West, and kar-muhl coming out on top in the Midwest:

— Northeast
o 57 percent ker-uh-muhl
o 43 percent kar-muhl
— Midwest
o 43 percent ker-uh-muhl
o 57 percent kar-muhl
— South
o 64 percent ker-uh-muhl
o 36 percent kar-muhl
— West
o 58 percent ker-uh-muhl
o 42 percent kar-muhl
Candy-maker Gustav Nebel first introduced his delicious, iconic caramel recipe
in 1909 in the small European village of Werther, Germany. Using only the best
ingredients — real butter, fresh cream, white and brown sugars, a pinch of salt
and a lot of time — he created a treasure worthy of being wrapped in gold and
named the candy Werther’s Original in honor of his village. Crafting this
smooth, creamy caramel became a family tradition handed down through

Today, Werther’s Original comes in several varieties, from hard, chewy, soft and
filled caramels, to sugar-free caramels and even caramel popcorn. Headquartered
in Germany and Chicago, people all around the world enjoy the unique taste of
Werther’s Original.

The survey was conducted by Ipsos eNation from March 10-13, 2017 to a nationally
representative sample of more than 1,000 adults in the United States.

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