Eli Lilly and Company Sponsors Arthritis Foundation ‘Living Your Yes With RA,’ an Initiative to Provide Resources for the Rheumatoid Arthritis Community

PR Newswire — October 12, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Supported by Eli Lilly and Company
(NYSE: LLY), the Arthritis Foundation is launching ‘Living Your Yes With RA,’ a
new initiative designed to empower people living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
by giving them tools, education and resources, allowing them to expect more from
their RA treatment – seeking remission or low disease activity as the only
acceptable outcome. The program will be implemented in 15 cities across the U.S.

“The Arthritis Foundation is committed to providing access to information and
optimum care to the rheumatoid arthritis community,” said Cindy McDaniel, senior
vice president, consumer health and impact, Arthritis Foundation. “We understand
the difficulties RA brings, including joint pain, swelling, stiffness and
fatigue, and want to help patients to start saying ‘Yes’ despite the challenges
they face living with this disease. The Arthritis Foundation is focused on
providing patients with the tools they need to set and track treatment goals,
communicate more effectively with their health care providers about their goals
and live a full life.”

The Arthritis Foundation will host free ‘Living Your Yes With RA’ goal-setting
events, facilitated by local rheumatologists, over a three year period.
Rheumatologists will highlight available tools and resources for setting and
tracking goals so patients can strive to reach low-disease activity or
remission. They will also provide training for implementing the tools and tips
on the best ways for patients to discuss their goals with their doctor.

“We are proud to support the Arthritis Foundation in this exciting new program,”
said John R. Richards, director of global advocacy and professional relations,
Lilly. “We support initiatives like ‘Living Your Yes With RA’ as they provide
important education for patients and health care providers and the need to
consider both clinical and life goals as indicators of treatment success.”

Beginning this fall, the Arthritis Foundation will host ‘Living Your Yes With
RA’ events in 15 cities including Tampa, St. Louis, Chicago, Houston,
Indianapolis, Phoenix, Cleveland, Boston, Atlanta, Washington, DC, Minneapolis,
Charlotte, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Dallas. For more information on events
in your state, please visit your local chapter’s website.

Resources and downloadable tools are available by visiting

About Eli Lilly and Company
Lilly is a global healthcare leader that unites caring with discovery to make
life better for people around the world. We were founded more than a century ago
by a man committed to creating high-quality medicines that meet real needs, and
today we remain true to that mission in all our work. Across the globe, Lilly
employees work to discover and bring life-changing medicines to those who need
them, improve the understanding and management of disease, and give back to
communities through philanthropy and volunteerism. To learn more about Lilly,
please visit us at www.lilly.com and newsroom.lilly.com/social-channels.

About the Arthritis Foundation
The Arthritis Foundation is the Champion of Yes. Leading the fight for the
arthritis community, the Foundation helps conquer everyday battles through
life-changing information and resources, access to optimal care, advancements in
science and community connections. The Arthritis Foundation’s goal is to chart a
winning course, guiding families in developing personalized plans for living a
full life – and making each day another stride towards a cure. The Foundation
also publishes Arthritis Today, the award-winning magazine that reaches 4
million readers per issue.

About Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease characterized by inflammation and
progressive destruction of joints.[i,ii]Approximately three times as many women
as men have the disease. Current treatment of RA includes the use of
non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, oral conventional disease-modifying
antirheumatic drugs (cDMARDs), such as methotrexate – the current standard of
care – and injectable, biological disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs
(bDMARDs) that target selected mediators implicated in the pathogenesis of RA.
[iii]Despite current treatment options, many patients do not reach their
therapeutic goals or sustained remission.[iv,v]There remains an important need
to provide additional treatments to improve overall patient care. CR-LLY

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Refer to: Nicholas Turkas; nturkas@arthritis.org; +1-704-705-1801 (Arthritis
Foundation media)
Heidi Pio; hpio@arthritis.org; +1-309-863-3506 (Arthritis Foundation media)
Nan Frient; frient_nan@lilly.com; +1-317-471-7040 (Lilly media)


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