Veterans Heal at Wounded Warrior Project Mental Health Workshop

PR Newswire — March 3, 2017

MARTINSVILLE, Ind., March 3, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Injured veterans
recently attended a Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) mental health workshop in
Martinsville, Indiana. These gatherings are often the first time warriors leave
their homes to connect with others in their communities.

“Wounded Warrior Project reached out to me with everything I needed to ease my
disability and reconnect to society,” said Reuben Blanton, U.S. Army veteran
from San Antonio, Texas. “The workshop was filled with many activities that
tested our strengths, but it wasn’t until the final night when we each shared
what we got out of our time that we realized how far we came in just one week.
Best event ever.”

Through the generous support of donors, WWP offers veterans specialized mental
health programs and services – tailored to each warrior’s specific needs and
free of charge. One such program is its multi-day mental health workshops that
are offered as all-male, all-female, or all-couples. These workshops provide
safe, private environments for warriors to express themselves and share their
experiences. By the end, warriors share lessons learned from the activities that
impacted their personal struggles most and set achievable goals for their

WWP staff use certain activities in a recovery model that allows warriors to be
vulnerable to the unknown and identify and work through anxieties together. As
warriors challenged themselves through outdoor team building activities that
included an intense high climbing obstacle course, they were actively honoring
the oaths they agreed to at the beginning of the workshop, including “to care
for self and others” and “to be present in recovery.”

“This workshop enabled me to face my fears without the emotion that I am doing
it alone,” Reuben said. “Wounded Warrior Project has empowered me to handle my
daily challenges. I would not be as stable as I am if it were not for that
organization, and I know if there is ever a time that I am feeling overwhelmed,
Wounded Warrior Project is just a simple phone call away.”

To learn and see more about how WWP’s mental health workshops connect, serve,
and empower wounded warriors, visit,
and click on multimedia.

About Wounded Warrior Project
Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) connects, serves, and empowers wounded warriors.

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