USE YOUR IMAGINATION: Conversion Specialists Upfit a 2017 F-250 at Indianapolis Work Truck Show

PR Newswire — March 15, 2017

SWANNANOA, N.C., March 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Imagine this vehicle as your
next fleet vehicle. Now imagine it has been converted to propane autogas.

Then imagine ANY vehicle for ANY need you have–delivery, service, package or
people transport- minimizing costs with proven technology, preventing dangerous
emissions to harm our environment, and running on the alternative fuel.

This week at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, the Alliance AutoGas
conversion techs will take you through a step-by-step live conversion of a 2017
F-250. The conversion features Alliance AutoGas’ simplified EPA and NFPA 58
compliant Engineered Fuel System featuring a “plug and play” single plug wiring

The Greater Indiana Clean Cities is partnering with the Alliance in this event.
They are excited about the educational opportunity this brings to show
attendees. States Kellie Walsh, Executive Director of the Greater Indiana Clean
Cities, “This real-time installation of a propane fuel system will provide
fleets a basic understanding of the conversion process, from what’s involved to
things to consider; the audience will gain insight not typically available when
making after-market alternative fuel system decisions.”

As Easy as One. Two. Three!

1) Saves Time
Since everything you need to convert your specific vehicle is included in the
conversion kit, installs are able to be completed in half the time of other
“universal” systems. This means less downtime for a fleet – without having to
sacrifice the quality of the system.

2) Offers Consistent Installations
Alliance AutoGas has engineered its Plug and Play System for consistent
installations, no matter the installer. A fleet of our Plug and Play autogas
vehicles results in easier serviceability throughout the life of the vehicle,
whether it’s vehicle 1 or vehicle 100.

3) Made for a Work Truck
You didn’t buy a work truck to haul around fuel or batteries (unless that’s what
you’re selling!) Alliance AutoGas Systems allow for the maximum cargo capacity
of any alternative fuel so you can use your work truck for work.

For more about Alliance AutoGas contact Tim Clark, Director of Sales, Alliance
AutoGas, at 228-215-0544, or go to

For press kit and hi-res images go to

Alliance AutoGas, (AAG) is an international network providing a comprehensive
propane autogas solution to medium and heavy fleets and small engine products.
Alliance AutoGas is the only complete program to help American fleets transition
from gasoline to autogas, the world’s most popular and clean alternative fuel.
The foundation of Alliance AutoGas is a broad network of partners with expertise
in autogas fueling, vehicle technology, and high-performance customer support.

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