What’s The Connection Between Cro-Magnon Man And Ghosts?

INDIANAPOLIS, May 8, 2014 — Intuitive Steven William
(http://www.stevenwilliam.us/) comes to Indianapolis Saturday, May 10th to teach
a different history of humankind’s spirituality, and how to connect with our

A recent poll of 1000 adults revealed:

— 45% believe in ghosts, or that the spirits of dead people can come back
in certain places and situations.
— 64% responded ‘yes’ when asked if they believe there’s a life after
— 59 percent of adults don’t believe they’ve ever actually seen a ghost.
— 43 percent don’t think that ghosts or spirits can harm living people.
An Afternoon on the Afterlife will be held at:
The Spiritualist Church of Indianapolis,
3020 South Meridian Street, Suite E, from 2-4pm EDT, Saturday, May 10.

Advance tickets are available:http://bit.ly/1lJnciP

If participants are interested in hearing from the other side, Steven will share
any messages he receives. He ensures attendees leave with a better understanding
of the fact that “we are a spirit with a body, and not a body with a spirit.”

Steven William is an Intuitive who communicates with spirits, reconnecting the
living with their lineage via the spirits of their loved ones who have passed.
He says, “My life’s purpose is to enlighten the world that we are spiritual
beings, all equipped to learn that we are not alone, that death is not the final
word. What happens ‘to us’ in life is not a fluke or a mistake. Rather, it is a
part of the journey, and those who have gone before us are here to assist us on
that path.”

About Steven William:

Spiritually aware as a young child, Steven has refined this ability throughout
his life. He spent decades trying to prove that it didn’t exist, only to come to
the evidence-based conclusion that it does. This work allowed him to
circumnavigate the globe and interact with many cultures, learning their belief
systems and customs. This unique combination of his travels, research, and his
developed ability to feel, hear and see spirits allows him to analyze each
experience at any given location, and translate that knowledge to people from
all walks of life, making him the ideal tour guide to the afterlife.

SOURCE Steven William

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