California Approves CTB/McGraw-Hill’s TASC Test as a Statewide Alternative High School Equivalency Exam

SACRAMENTO, Calif., April 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The California Department of
Education has announced that they have selected CTB/McGraw-Hill’s TASC (Test
Assessing Secondary Completion(TM)) test as a state-approved assessment leading
to a high school equivalency certificate. The decision is the latest development
in an ongoing movement by states across the country to identify high-quality
alternatives to the GED® test that are more affordable and accessible for the 40
million U.S. adults who lack a high school degree or equivalency certification.
Last year, the states of New York, Indiana and West Virginia selected the TASC
test as their official high school equivalency assessment to serve some 70,000
annual test takers in the three states, while Nevada, Wyoming and New Jersey
also authorized the TASC test for statewide use.

“We are incredibly proud that California has chosen the TASC test to serve their
42,000 annual high school equivalency test takers, many of whom will benefit
immensely from a more affordable and flexible alternative to the current exam,”
said Ellen Haley, president of CTB/McGraw-Hill. “As postsecondary degrees
continue to be a prerequisite for some of the fastest-growing industries in our
economy, the accessibility of testing solutions like the TASC test will be
increasingly vital to expanding career opportunities and improving the quality
of life for adults in California and across the country.”

Built from the ground up to address the learning standards set forth by the
Common Core, the TASC test provides newly developed field-tested content that
measures test takers’ level of achievement relative to that of graduating high
school seniors and, readiness for post-secondary study. The new test features a
design that allows states to gradually transition from the foundational concepts
of the newly implemented Common Core State Standards to a deeper alignment over
a three-year period.

The TASC test assesses English language arts (including Reading and Writing),
Math, Science, and Social Studies. It is available in English and Spanish and in
large print, Braille and audio versions. The test is offered as a
paper-and-pencil exam as well as online, providing flexibility for test takers
and allowing states to phase in computer-based testing at a pace that meets
their students’ needs. The TASC test also allows states to follow the secure
processes for administering the test that they already have in place.

Preparing for the TASC Test

— McGraw-Hill Education TASC provides students with a comprehensive review
and practice in all five exam subject areas: Reading, Writing,
Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. There are complete reviews of
key test content, exercises to reinforce new skills, and full-length
TASC practice test sections in the new test format, with complete
explanations for every question, and valuable test-taking tips and
strategies. It is the only resource to contain TASC test questions from
— Common Core Achieve is a fully adaptive study program to help potential
test takers prepare for the TASC test and other high school equivalency
exams. Rooted in the Common Core and College and Career Readiness
Standards, Common Core Achieve is built on the core content instruction
needed for all 2014 high school equivalency exams and, includes test
preparation specific to each exam. It is available in both print and
online with components that can be used separately or together.
— CTB/McGraw-Hill offers test takers a complimentary practice test item
sampler and an official TASC Test Readiness Assessment that is available
in print and online [].
About CTB/McGraw-Hill
CTB/McGraw-Hill, a division of McGraw-Hill Education, has an 85-year record of
innovation and excellence in assessment, and serves more than 18 million
students in all 50 states and in 49 countries. One of the first American
publishers to introduce objective, standardized achievement tests to schools,
today CTB/McGraw-Hill is a leader in testing with recognized products for online
interim and formative, adult, and language proficiency assessment. Dedicated to
advancing the use of student performance data to inform instructional decision
making, CTB/McGraw-Hill’s innovation continues today with technologies that
include Web-based assessment and reporting, student response device software,
and artificial intelligence for automated scoring of student essays. For more
information, visit

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