WaterFurnace announces SEVENbration

FORT WAYNE, Ind., March 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — WaterFurnace International,
Inc., the leading manufacturer of geothermal and water source heat pumps,
announces the launch of SEVENbration, a celebration of the success of the
groundbreaking 7 Series variable capacity geothermal heat pump. Through April
30, SEVENbration offers homeowners an instant rebate of $2,100. The offer is
available through all participating WaterFurnace dealers.

“SEVENbration offers homeowners an attractive incentive to upgrade to the most
energy efficient geothermal heating and cooling system on the market,” said Tim
Litton, WaterFurnace director of marketing communications. “Since the launch of
the 7 Series, we’ve saved thousands of happy homeowners millions of dollars on
heating, cooling and hot water by using the clean, renewable energy in their
backyard. Combined with a 30 percent federal tax credit, several local
incentives and year-round savings on utility bills, SEVENbration provides a
unique opportunity for homeowners to maximize their return on a geothermal

The 7 Series is the first variable capacity geothermal unit available for
homeowners and the only unit to surpass both 41 EER and 5.3 COP, efficiencies
twice that of traditional air conditioners or heat pumps and 30 percent greater
than current geothermal units. The unit utilizes a soft-start variable capacity
compressor, in concert with a variable speed ECM blower and variable speed loop
pump. This allows the unit to scale output to exactly the level needed rather
than the “high” or “low” speeds found in normal systems. The 7 Series can ramp
down to 20 percent of normal operation for ultra-efficient conditioning or up to
130 percent output using SuperBoost(TM), for periods when extra cooling is
needed. The capacity range is the industry’s widest and can even eliminate the
need for auxiliary heat.

The 7 Series also utilizes Aurora, WaterFurnace’s next-generation of controls,
to continuously monitor and optimize operation. Aurora provides two-way
communication between components, robust troubleshooting capabilities and
advanced communication protocols.

WaterFurnace’s 7 Series was recently honored with a prestigious 2014 AHR Expo
Innovation Award in the “heating” category. The 7 Series also achieved the
ENERGY STARĀ® Most Efficient designation in 2012, 2013 and again in 2014.

WaterFurnace geothermal heat pumps are similar to traditional heat pumps but are
more than twice as efficient. Instead of using the outside air, geothermal heat
pumps tap into the constant thermal energy stored just below the earth’s
surface. A series of underground pipes (an earth loop) circulates an
environmentally friendly mixture of alcohol and water to transport that energy.
The earth loop brings heat into the home from below ground during the winter and
removes heat from the home during the summer, carrying it back into the ground.
Using this free energy source can save homeowners as much as 70 percent for
heating, cooling and hot water, all without using any on-site fossil fuels or
emitting carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or other greenhouse gases.

To learn more about the 7 Series, visit the WaterFurnace website at
www.waterfurnace.com. To find a WaterFurnace dealer, visit the Dealer Locator on
the WaterFurnace website.

WaterFurnace International, Inc.

WaterFurnace International, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of residential,
commercial, industrial and institutional geothermal and water source heat pumps.
Products from WaterFurnace include energy-efficient and environmentally friendly
geothermal comfort systems, indoor air quality products and pool heaters.
WaterFurnace (TSX:WFI) was founded in 1983, and the company is headquartered in
Fort Wayne, Ind. For the latest news and updates from WaterFurnace, connect with
us on your favorite social media sites – follow us on Twitter (@WaterFurnace),
like us on Facebook or view the WaterFurnace YouTube Channel.

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SOURCE WaterFurnace International, Inc.

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