Bell Aquaculture Issues Public Statement Around Commitment To Ecology, Community & Humanity

REDKEY, Ind., March 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Today Bell Aquaculture released an
official statement by President & CEO Norman McCowan.

“We have a problem. In 2050 the world population will be 9-10 billion. The way
we are currently feeding our population cannot sustain this amount of growth.
Our rivers and oceans are suffering from over-use. We need alternate solutions
specifically around protein to feed our species. Aquaculture, when practiced in
a sustainable way, can be that solution.

We continue to strive to advance our processes in order to reduce our
environmental impact and produce the healthiest fish possible. Our fish are not
given antibiotics or hormones. Our water is clean enough to drink and as we
continue to implement our RAS technology we recirculate 99.64% of our water on
site on a flow basis. We provide a healthy, sustainable option to our growing
food crisis.

The goal with any business endeavor is to be profitable and as such we are no
different but we have a purpose and we hold ourselves to the highest standard.

Since the concerns of our neighbors were expressed to us we have met twice to
discuss how we, as a part of our community, can address these concerns and be a
good neighbor. We have made a commitment to take steps to address the issues
that are within our control, not because we have to, but because we are
concerned with our impact on our community and our impact on the Earth.

Our desire to produce feed for the industry and ourselves comes from an
identification of a problem; we need to reduce the proportionate amount of
fishmeal used as the industry grows. Our feed and R&D teams have 75 years
combined experience in developing feeds. We intend to advance this industry by
providing feed that uses alternative plant-based diets. We are developing feeds
nutritionally profiled around the fish species and stage of life, a new approach
that will provide a healthy, eco-friendly supply of fish to our growing

We hope as we grow we can continue to contribute and support our community, our
industry and our planet.”

Norman McCowan
President & CEO

About Bell Aquaculture
In 2005, Bell Aquaculture was founded as a solution to a problem – the fish in
Lake Michigan were contaminated. Bell has invested $20+ million in an
aquaculture research and development center and built a state-of-the-aquaculture
facility located in rural Indiana, USA to provide a toxin-free supply of fish to
meet the demand. Bell offers trout, salmon, perch, feed and fertilizers that are
derived from fish to contribute to the life cycle of humans and fish – part of
our broader philosophy to use all that is available to us to benefit to humanity
and our planet.

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SOURCE Bell Aquaculture

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